Registration and Abstract Submission

Please click here1 to download the ISLA-7 registration form and fill it in appropriately. 

Also, please click here2 to download the template for writing an abstract and its example. You will find a template based on an A4-size paper (a typical Japanese copy paper size, equivalent to the Letter size in the US.).  Please take a careful look at the example in terms of:

  1. Only one page allowed for the abstract;
  2. Font: New times Roman recommended;
  3. Font size: 14-bold for the title and 12 for the text;
  4. Figure if needed, but only one figure allowed in the abstract; and
  5. References as needed.

The deadline for the submission of the registration form and abstract was first Oct. 12th, 2022, which has been extended to Oct. 22nd, 2022.
However, all abstracts received after this new deadline will be regarded as post-deadline submissions, which may or may not be accepted for presentation depending on the total number of papers.
All registration forms and abstracts should be e-mailed to:

both and

Also, please name your registration form and abstract so that they indicate your name like:


This would make it much easier to process paperwork.

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